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FREE Sample - Roller Blind (Screen)

FREE Sample - Roller Blind (Screen)

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FAQs Contents

How To Measure


Measure how wide you would like your curtain track.

For more details on specifically how to measure, please see the video above.


Measure exactly where you would like the curtain track/rod to sit.

If you're wanting the track to be mounted on the ceiling, then measure the distance from the ceiling to the floor, if you would like the track mounted on the wall, then measure the distance from the floor to the point on the ceiling.

For more details on specifically how to measure, please see the video above.


In addition to the colours that you can see on each of the individual products pages, below are some videos that give a better representation of the fabrics.

Heading Style

There are plenty of curtain header options to choose from.  Not only do they provide functional benefits, they help achieve the overall look of a space, i.e. traditional or contemporary and you need to consider which option before the curtain making process begins.  What are curtain headers?  It’s the way in which the fabric is sewn or pleated at the top of the curtain, and it will have a direct impact on the way in which the material drapes or hangs, as well functional characteristics such as stack back (the amount of space a curtain will occupy when fully drawn open). 

Wave Tape (S Fold)

Snap Tape (S Fold)

Pencil Pleat

Pinch Pleat

Track Type


Our slimline track has a square profile and is popular due to its very slim size (only 20mm in width x 16mm in height). 


Our Designer rod has a rounded profile and offers a more ornate finish (it has a diameter of 25mm).

No Track Required

If you would like to reusing your existing curtain track/rod, and only require the fabric, then receive a 15% discount by using code NOTRACK in check-out.

Note: you can ignore all the other settings related to tracks if you use this NOTRACK discount code.

Track Fixing

Ceiling Fix

If mounting the track to the ceiling, select 'Ceiling Fix'

Wall Fix Single Bracket

If mounting to the wall, select 'Wall Fix Single Bracket'

Wall Fix Double Bracket

If you have an existing blind which is mounted to the architraves, select 'Wall Fix Double Bracket'


One Way Left

All fabric stacking to the left hand side (when standing inside the house, looking towards outside)

One Way Right

All fabric stacking to the right hand side (when standing inside the house, looking towards outside)

Centre Opening

Fabric split in the middle

Free Flow 1 Piece

1 stack of fabric which can stack on either side of the track at any time

Free Flow 2 Pieces

2 stacks of fabric which can open in the centre, or both be stacked on the left or right hand side

Floor Level

Sitting Clear

10mm above flooring


Pooling 10mm


Pooling 35mm


Battery Powered

Somfy battery powered motor which requires recharging approximately once every 10-12 months (recharger and 1 x remote control per room included).

Hard Wired

Somfy RTS Hard Wired motor which requires an electrician to hard wire each curtain/blind to the customers home, this is an additional expense that the customer must arrange. (Includes 1 x remote control per room).